About the project

Introducing Ivy Linq, a cutting-edge product designed to address the unique needs of Gen Z adults (18-24) in sharing and revisiting memories. Our product offers an innovative solution that captures the essence of nostalgia, sense of place, meaningful relationships, and enabling technology.


Memory Hub with Touchscreen Display and Printer: Store, curate, and display your memories seamlessly, with the option to print tangible copies.

Detachable Cameras (2): Embrace the nostalgia of disposable cameras while enjoying digital convenience. Capture, store, and transfer memories directly to the Memory Hub.

Intelligent Curation: Automatically categorize and organize memories for quick access and personalized display.

Remote Sharing: Connect with friends and family by sharing memories to their Ivy Linq device through a unique email address or the Canon Ivy Linq App.


In today's fast-paced digital world, Ivy Linq provides a much-needed bridge between the physical and digital realms. By facilitating the creation, sharing, and revisiting of memories, Ivy Linq helps users reconnect with their past, strengthen relationships, and experience the joy of nostalgia. Ivy Linq encourages authentic and personal memory sharing, fostering a sense of belonging and contributing to the mental well-being of its users.

Ivy LINQ custom device
Ivy LINQ custom device
me and the team (with Canon!)
me and the team (with Canon!)
Ivy LINQ custom device
Ivy LINQ custom device

Ayusman Mohanty

Trishala Pillia

James Dang

Mingcheng Guo

Yixuan Hailey Li

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