Waterproof Wheelchair

About the project

Facing the challenge of wheelchair users being limited in their mobility during rain or wet environments, our team sought to create an affordable, easy-to-operate, and safe solution to wheelchair usage in these conditions. We aimed to develop a testable prototype that prevents water damage to wheelchairs and allows users to remain mobile in their daily activities

The Idea

Problem Identification:

  • Current solutions (raincoat or control panel cover) are ineffective at protecting electrical components.

  • Wheelchair users are often forced to avoid using their wheelchairs in wet environments, limiting their mobility.

    Research & Interviews:

  • Conducted interviews with students and industry experts to gather valuable insights.

  • Utilized feedback to refine and improve wheelchair design concepts.

    Design & Development:

  • Developed the needs statement, design requirements, and House of Quality for the project.

  • Created multiple functional models based on these objectives.

  • Conducted brainstorming activities, morphological matrix development, and concept evaluations.

  • Finalized concept design featuring an aluminum frame, joystick control, belt and pulley drive train, main enclosure for batteries and motors, foam-filled tires, and more.

    Challenges & Solutions:

  • Budget limitations required a redesign, focusing on waterproofing rather than building a power wheelchair.

  • Sourced components from existing manufacturers and redesigned the frame and main enclosure.

  • Adapted to COVID-19 protocols by conducting team meetings and communications via Microsoft Teams.

    My Contributions:

  • Enclosure research and design.

  • Managed the Gantt chart for the team using Microsoft Project.

    Prototype & Deliverables:

  • Created a fully functional wheelchair prototype based on the final design.

  • Conducted a design review with sponsors Invacare and TAMU Disability Resources.

  • Compiled a final report on the prototype development, including human testing results.

  • Produced an operational manual detailing basic usage and maintenance of the prototype.


Navigating large conferences and unfamiliar buildings can be challenging for all attendees, but it's even more difficult for wheelchair users who need to avoid obstacles like stairs and locate accessible ramps. With Simple Way, we're committed to making these spaces more inclusive and user-friendly by offering seamless indoor navigation for everyone.

The All-Weather Wheelchair project aimed to improve the mobility of wheelchair users in rainy environments by providing a safe and effective solution to protect the electrical components of the wheelchair. Our team's successful development of a functional prototype showcases our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with mobility challenges.


Robert Buck

Daniel Reyna

Jordan Phillips

Matthew Greb

Dylan Wickersheim

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